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The 90's really are ALL THAT!

Friday, June 6, 2014
The other day I was asked what trends I notice coming back. Without hesitation I said, 90's fashion is definitely making a come back. Sitting on the train is almost like watching re-runs of Boy Meets World or Family Matters which I miss ever so dearly. Tear, tear. I was also asked which I'd incorporate into my summer wardrobe, and I replied overalls and jelly sandals duhh!

Overalls | H&M  Jelly Sandals | Jujushoes

Ironically, I hated both of these as a child. But sadly for little 90's me, my Mom made sure that I had way too many jelly sandal/overall outfit combinations. Lol I know my editing is annoying, but ever since I bought these two items thats how I've been feeling. Comfy & they fit perfectly (just size down the jellies) Nickelodeon said it best, The 90's are all that, and I am loving it!

xx Slimmy

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