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The internet it making me buy things :(

Sunday, December 28, 2014 Okay, okay. So have any of you noticed that things you search follow you almost all over the internet? Luckily they aren't on my blog, but it's still kind of creepy to me. The other day I was looking at a pair of shoes. I was kind of on the fence about them so I didn't buy them. I'm big on not buying things just to have them sit around and collect dust, feel me? But they were really REALLY cute. Look.

 photo Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes-Mulder-Black-010606_zps84912be5.jpg

They're the Jeffrey Campbell Mulder boots, cute right? So after deciding to hold off on getting them, I went on Youtube. Guess what I saw being advertised in a little corner? The Mulder boots. Ok. Lookbook, ok. Facebook, really? Maybe I'm a little crazy, but I felt like these boots were everywhere! I love Jeffrey Campbell, plus solid black shoes are kind of low in stock over here. So I did order them. After going a little insane of course. Would I have bought them if they weren't stalking me, maybe. The world may never know. Either way I'll review these babies when they get here. But I've noticed that the internet has a cute little way of sending your searches to other sites. How do you guys feel about it? Convenient or creepy?

xx AaliyahVernice


  1. I totally get what you mean. I've been there too, up to the point of finally purchasing the items! *sigh* Hope you love the boots when they arrive! :)


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xx AaliyahVernice