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2015 trend alert: so seventies

Sunday, February 22, 2015 Bell bottoms, paisley, tie dye, and camel is the new black? That can only mean that 70s fashion is trending again. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the fashion during that era, but there are a few elements that I can see myself incorporating into my outfits like:

Circle Shades:

 photo fc50007f-fc59-4407-8c8b-bbe4d27d765a_zpsvyy9fmgt.jpg
Found at Forever21

Tie Dye:

70s: Tie dye


70s: Color me Camel

And since bell bottoms are growing on me:

70s: Bellbottoms

Now lets not forget my favorite fashionista of the 70s (well sort of) Jackie Burkhart
Jackie Burkhart Fashion

I'd most likely wear such a colorful piece like the model on the right did, with chunky black boots, frilly black ankle socks, and a white flower choker to add a bit more 70s flare.

 photo 5262def4-8576-4f29-aeb6-3f96288b992a_zps5vamliux.jpg

Here Jackie had on her cheer uniform which inspired my Correction Fluid post 
Remember guys, trends are JUST for inspiration, there's no need to trash your closet and only go for items that are trendy for the moment.

xx AaliyahVernice

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