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Blush this Spring

Sunday, May 3, 2015 I'm not sure if you guys can tell, but I'm mainly a neutrals kind of girl when it comes to clothing. Anything black, white, nude, brown, or grey, throw it in my bag honey. But this spring I want to incorporate a bit more color into my wardrobe. Well, one color in particular. Blush Pink! I'm pretty sure we all know pink is my absolute favorite color, and blush is the cutest, softest, and closest to a neutral shade of pink there is. So here's a few ways that we can blush this spring :) with some outfit ideas as well.

Blush this spring (tops)

One way to blush this spring is with tops. Since this is such a soft, light color it can go with a lot. On those warmer days, you can wear a button down and some jeans. Plus when it get warmer you can use this as a light layering piece. In New York, our spring isn't that warm, at least not yet, so a comfy pullover is perfect for right now. Especially for us college students. Tees and crop tops are perfect for the spring with a light jacket or a sweater, and this pretty pale color would look great with all black as a pop of color. 

Blush this spring (accessories)

The easiest way to blush this spring is with accessories. You can simply add a bag, some shades, jewelry, or a hat to any outfit for a touch of blush. Or more for a splash, whichever you prefer.

Blush this spring (shoes)

Spring is the perfect time to bring out the flats, slip ons, heels, and even sandals. And I love them because they can be worn with almost anything. Jeans, maxi dresses, anything! Personally, I think all of these pieces would look great with all white. Or even all blush pink for that monotone look thats trending.

Blush this spring (outerwear)

During spring we still need some sort of outerwear so why not opt for a blush pink one? It'll definitely add some spice to your wardrobe. All of these are pretty light, so they're perfect for spring. And they can all be worn with basically anything (as long as you don't get too crazy with the colors). Want to see? Click here & here

Blush this spring (all in ones)

For those warmer days, a romper or a flowy dress can be worn with a jeans jacket and some low white sneakers for that chill vibe. The leotard along with some high waist skinny jeans, a bucket hat, and sneakers will accentuate your figure while you maintain that chill sporty vibe.  And since a lot of people go away during the spring, I thought I'd throw a bathing suit in there. Cute right?

Will you blush this spring?
xx AaliyahVernice


  1. I love love love the blush pink trend, especially in spring. It just seems to warm up any look. :]

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