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Packing Tips

Sunday, June 28, 2015 Guess who's going away in about a month... this girl! As if it isn't obvious, I'm super excited for my trip to Grenada aka my favorite place on earth. I just can't wait to spend my days on one of Grenada's beautiful caribbean beaches. My schedule has been a bit hectic recently, so I decided to get a jump start on packing and since I'll be going around carnival time, I have to be a bit specific with what I pack. Seeing as a lot of people travel around this time of year I figured that I'd share some packing tips that I find helpful. Ten to be exact.

1. Check the weather

 photo 6d7406e9-1d9f-4192-8646-cad7f7b42502_zpsa2rhxf32.png

First things first, before packing anything, you need to know what the weather will be like at your destination. Once you know, you'll have an idea for outfits. The weather in the caribbean is always the same, HOT! Hot and sunny, or hot and rainy. So shorts, tanks, crops, and sandals are a go for me.

2. Plan and photograph your outfits

 photo Packing20Tips201_zpsfuvwagbs.jpg

When you're away, the last thing you want is to be digging through your clothes and trying to put an outfit together. If they're all planned out, all you have to do is look at the picture, throw it on, and go go go! I do this every single time I travel so I won't have to worry about things not looking good together when I'm away.

3. Reduce Reuse & Recycle

 photo Packing20Tips202_zpsw6hnum9x.jpg
 photo Packing20Tips204_zps0upnc9tz.jpg
 photo Packing20Tips203_zpsi0scrr2a.jpg

With weight limitations, your best bet is to create outfits that feature the same pieces. Especially for longer trips. There's no need to make it look like you're wearing the same thing everyday, get creative and have fun.

4. Iron your clothes before packing

Ironing before hand will save a ton of time, well, depending on how you pack.


 photo Packing20Tips206_zpshtoby3cb.jpg

I don't know why I spent so many years folding the clothes in my suitcase instead of rolling them. Rolling your clothes will allow you to fit so much more in your suitcase and it'll keep the ironed clothes wrinkle free. Think about it, have you ever bought a wrinkled roll of aluminum foil?

6. Packing cubesssssss
 photo 986aab68-000f-4d25-9493-a803203a07ce_zpsnxnupt9j.png
So this one is new to me, but seeing how much these hold and how organized they keep your suitcase, I had to get them. I found these on Amazon here, I just hope TSA doesn't disrupt them too much. 

7. Bag it

Keeping things separated and organized is the best way to pack in my opinion. A separate bag for shoes, a cosmetics bag, one for toiletries, and another for undies will keep what you want together and away from everything else. I'm sure no one wants the dirt from under their shoes on well, anything really. Once their all bagged up toss them in the suitcase and you're good to go. 

8. Matryoshka doll packing 

 photo Packing20Tips205_zps5uwwwxuq.jpg

Matryoshka doll is basically a big wooden doll with a bunch of smaller wooden dolls inside of it. I like to think of it while I pack. Not by putting shoes inside of shoes or tops inside of tops or anything like that, but smaller items in bigger ones. For example, packing jewelry, inside of a glasses case, inside of a purse, inside my suitcase. It saves a ton of space and keeps things organized. 

9. Pack ahead of time

I don't know about you guys but I can't pack last minute. I'm almost positive that I'll forget something important. I'm not saying pack a month ahead of time like me, however a week or two in advance could be really beneficial. 

10. Know your plugs!

In this day and age, I know there are tons of us who can't live without our electronics. So imagine plugging it in to charge and BAM it blows. Depending on where you go you might need a converter, I know I will.

Hope these were helpful, and if you are traveling safe travels :)
P.S. Don't forget to weigh it all 

xx AaliyahVernice


  1. Checking the weather is the #1 tip! I like the idea of photographing the outfits too. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. With the excitement of traveling a lot of people forget to check the weather, and the outfit photos have helped me a ton :)


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