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Sunday, August 30, 2015 Is it normal that one of my favorite parts of being on vacation is dressing up? I had a great vacation and some great outfits to go with it. So I thought I'd share a few with you guys.

 photo Greenz201_zpsxqok6avz.jpg

 photo Greenz202_zpswjliexwl.jpg
Jumper | H&M  Sandals | Doc Martens
I wore this outfit to Annadale Falls in St. Georges, Grenada. I needed something cool and loose fitting, but if I knew better I would've brought clothes to take a dip in that beautiful water. I really enjoyed my trip to the falls especially the show that was put on for us.

 photo Greenz203_zpsygc2g9b1.jpg
Top | Ralph Lauren  Shorts | Garage  
This is just a casual outfit that I wore to visit some friends and family. I wore some brown sandals with gold detailing that aren't pictured, so I stayed pretty cool on that hot day. But lets be real, compared to the U.S. everyday in Grenada is a hot one.

 photo Greenz20collage201_zpszsouqeud.jpg
Co-ord | Motel Rocks  Sandals | N/A  Purse | Michael Kors 
Ok, I think that this is one of my favorite summer outfits. That co-ord is just everything to me! The fit, the cut, the pattern, the colors, ugh! I just love it so much. I wore this around town which is kind of like Times Square to New Yorkers, with places to shop, eat, and hang out and stuff.

 photo Greenz209_zpsv1kr3aad.jpg

 photo Greenz208_zpsqhki9fbt.jpg

 photo Greenz206_zpszy0hcusx.jpg
Shirt | Model's  Jeans | Urban Outfitters  Sneakers | Converse
This was such a fun day, we woke up early and took my little brother and younger cousins to Cabier Ocean Lodge in Crochu, Grenada. Theres a little Zoo there and it's the perfect place to hang out, especially as a family. After that we went to have lunch at Grand Etang Lake in St. Andrews which is where that beautiful Asian inspired hut was located.  

 photo Greenz2010_zpsbecnn6gg.jpg
Bra | Calvin Klein  Jeans | Brandy Melville Sneakers | Converse 
Sorry for the white eyes but I kind of rather this picture unedited. I wore this all white number on a cruise. This was my first party on a boat and although I enjoyed it, I like the freedom of being able to leave a part when I please lol. Regardless I had a really great time. 

I really enjoyed my vacation and can't wait to go back. 
Which outfit was your favorite?

xx AaliyahVernice 


  1. I love the natural beauty found in all of your vacation pictures <3

  2. Hairstyles giving me life, variation of colors in your outfits are giving me life, you give me life!


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xx AaliyahVernice