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DIY Beaded Choker

Sunday, September 13, 2015 On one of my recent Etsy searches, I came across an adorable beaded choker that just screamed 90s to me. On top of that it had 'Baby Girl' printed on it and anyone who knows me knows that I'm all for that. So me being the artsy angel that I am, couldn't resist the urge to DIY one, or some lol.
 photo Bead201_zpsnt1don9t.jpg
What you'll need:
1. Alphabet Beads (preferably round ones)
2. Round (colored) Beads 
3. Stretch Cord
4. Scissors 
5. Hot glue gun

The first thing to do is measure and cut your stretch cord. Personally, I like to cut extra because it gets really difficult to bead and tie at the end when you cut it to fit your neck exactly. 
 photo Bead202_zpssxoxnd6o.jpg
After you have more than enough stretch cord, you'll need to fish out the letters needed to spell out what you want your choker to say. I found this to be way easier when I poured the letters out into a dish. 

Next, you'll want to organize the colored beads into a pattern, unless you'd rather it random of course. I chose a pattern of four and stuck with it throughout. 
 photo Bead204_zpsqmjwccvs.jpg
Now to string the beads. I placed the alphabet beads in the middle and mirrored the colored beads on both sides, following the pattern until it was long enough to go around my neck. I tied the ends tightly about seven times and even added some hot glue before the final knot.
 photo Bead205_zpsryf2efgu.jpg
 photo Bead206_zpseb7gjsru.jpg
And that was my final result. I absolutely love this choker. I wear it almost everyday, as you can see here. I made a few bracelets as well, with quirky sayings from Clueless (my current obsession) on them, so theres a lot of possibilities.  
xx AaliyahVernice 

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