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Holiday gift guide

Friday, December 18, 2015 Tis' the season you guys :). The holidays are approaching fast and I've been clicking and scrolling through the internet in attempts of finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list. It can be stressful, I get it. So I've put together two lists of things that I love and think would make great gifts for someone you care about.


Chrismas Beauty Ideas
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1. If she likes makeup, she'll want brushes. Not only are these great quality face brushes, they're in a beautiful rose gold color, how chic?

2. Okay so I don't own this particular palette, but I do love the Morphe palette I have. The colors go on smoothly, they're very pigmented, and easily blendable (aka what you want from an eyeshadow). And as far as palette's go, these are pretty inexpensive. I own a more colorful set, but for gifting it's better to stay on the safer side, so I went with neutrals.

3. This is from the UK site, I apologize... unless you're in the UK, in that case :). Basically anything from Soap&Glory would make a great gift. These are nine customer favorites so they're all good. My absolute favorite product from them would be the righteous butter. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel like butter. I love it!

4. This gift set features my favorite cleanser, EVER! It cleanses my face without leaving it feeling dry and on top of that it's warm. I know that sounds odd but after a long day, it feels so nice and relaxing. My skin has a nice glow after using it too. Aside from the full sized cleanser, this set comes with a sponge to cleanse and exfoliate, as well as a mini luminizing and detoxifying peel-off mask.

5. Give the gift of glow! Highlighting is one of the best parts of a makeup routine. Everyone loves a good glow. This palette includes two highlighters and a shimmery bronzer for glow glow and more glow! They're very pigmented so a little will go a long way, which means your loved one will have this for a while. 

6. Okay, so makeup users in general love to highlight (bright forward) and contour (chisel). This palette will bring forward and accentuate the beauty of one's face... that was a lot right? Lol. I love highlighting and contouring, can you tell? I love this palette, it's great for beginners, it's great for those who've been doing makeup all their life. It's just great, believe me. It comes in four shades (fair to deep), and each has six different colors to mix match and blend to give your loved one an amazing highlighted and contoured face. Your somebody will love it, as long as you get the right color lol.


Christmas Clothing Ideas
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1. My new obsession! I am completely in love with Topshop jeans. I don't know what's kept me from purchasing them for so long but now that I've started I can't stop. Of all the colors I own, I feel that these are the most versatile. Who doesn't want a pair of dark wash jeans?

2. It's getting cold, so if you want to play it safe, a nice warm chunky scarf is the way to go. Neutral colors, thick, who'd say no to that?

3. Okay maybe this isn't the best time for a halter bodysuit, but I wear mine year round. Your loved one can wear it with a hoodie, flannel, or blazer and be stylin'. It's great quality, form fitting, and since it serves as a to and bottom it's really easy to style. Not to mention, it can transition from season to season. 

4. As odd as it may seem, underwear is a great gift. Just believe me. It is. This Calvin Klein set is multi-functioning, or at least it is for me. Having the underwear band show with low rise jeans, or wearing the bra top with something high waisted gives an outfit a cute tomboyish edge. Which seems to be trending as of recent. 

5.  If she doesn't have these, she probably wants them. Adidas track pants are probably my most used pants ever. Like if you're running errands, or to school, or the mall, or down the street, I don't know they just come in handy. They're comfortable and just the right amount of flattering. 

6. You know what never goes out of style? Chunky kits. This is another safe gift. Versatile, and good quality. Your somebody can dress this up or down and really showcase her style with it.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

xx AaliyahVernice

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