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Lumee case review

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Okay, I must admit it took me a long time to get on the bandwagon, but I finally decided to get a Lumee case. As bloggers we take a lot of pictures, like a lot, seriously. But in this day and age we all know how annoying it can be to be in a situation with poor lighting. Sometimes a place would have such poor lighting that my friends and I would use the flashlight on one iPhone and take the selfie with another, first world problems right? Fortunately, this case takes the hassle out of taking a selfie. 
I was extremely hesitant to get this case. So before I got it I played around a bit with my friend's, since you know, everyone has one. But it was necessary,  I had a some conerns lol. I need to know how the battery life was, if the design would affect the back camera, if it was really worth $60, and forget the fact that it has a light, would it protect my phone? After using it I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. 
Battery life:
Does this thing ever die? I've had mine for about three days now and I've been using it non-stop pretty much. You know, as a flashlight, to read, to look for my keys in my messy bag, things of that nature. And the battery is still going strong. Since it's a light I assumed it'd die pretty quickly but the Lumee has proved me wrong there. Major plus.  

Back camera:
The black rim around the camera scared me a bit, I thought it'd give the picture a vignette type of look with the back camera flash on, or affect the way the light was dispursed in some way. Fortunately for me, I was wrong yet again. The case doesn't affect the back camera flash at all.

The light:
This thing is so bright! Like so bright that I'm actually grateful for the dimming feature. All you have to do is hold the on/off button to adjust the brightness to suit your location, simple. This case will definitely allow you to take a selfie in complete darkness. Aside from the brightness, the lights are also LED, so  they won't get hot. Very important. 

Phone protection:
I honestly don't see my phone going through any struggles with this case on. It feels really sturdy and my phone snapped right in for a secure fit. The front of this case is raised so your pone wouldn't touch the floor if you ever were to drop it. It's more protective than my last case was so I'm here for it. 

Was was it worth it:
I love this case. It enhances my photos enough to make a difference without being too much. If you take a lot of pictures, selfies in particular, I definitively think that this case is worth the investment. Seeing as there are cases at this price point that protect your phone just as well, I say be extra and get one that'll up your selfie game.

xx AaliyahVernice


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xx AaliyahVernice