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Street Museum

Sunday, November 6, 2016
 I've always been a fan of art it's like a quick glimpse into another persons mind, and the cool thing about it is that theres so many ways to express it. I stumbled upon this area in Brooklyn and couldn't get over the creativity on these walls.
Dress | Urban Outfitters   Boots | Dr Martens
I like to look at fashion as art you can bring to people versus the other way around. You get to play with colors and shapes, like I did here with this maxi dress and magenta boot combination. Style is your own so as long as you're comfortable, wear whatever makes you happy.

Which piece of art was your favorite?

xx AaliyahVernice


  1. This art is so beautiful! I love all the color and the defined creativity put into it! My favorite has to be the girl with the arrows through her face. The meaning I see behind it may not be what everyone else sees but it's deep! Amazing job capturing these works of art!

    1. That one has to be my favorite as well, Thanks!

  2. Love this Aaliyah ❤️❤️❤️


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xx AaliyahVernice