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Summer Wedding Situation

Sunday, July 30, 2017
In my previous post I shared an outfit that I wore to a summer wedding. Seeing as it is wedding season I've put together two more looks that can be worn by a couple attending a summer wedding. The key to any summer outfit is light fabrics, so I'd go for a more flowy option. Fitted light pieces tend to be on the sheer side and that isn't the most flattering for a wedding. As for men a tailored closer fitting pair of pants such as the ones on the Bonobos website will compliment your date's flowy number quite nicely.

Wedding 1
Dress | ASOS *  Pants | Bonobos *  Shirt | Express *

Although the first look features light colors, it isn't a crime to wear all black to a summer wedding. As I've made quite obvious on this blog, all black is a clean yet simple option for any outfit no matter what the occasion may be. Once again, I'd opt for a more loose fitting outfit. If you do decide to wear black, just bear in mind that darker colors do tend to attract more heat.
Wedding 2

Shirt | Express *  Pants | Bonobos *  Dress | ASOS *

What would you wear to summer wedding?

xx AaliyahVernice

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