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Hello darling,
I'm Aaliyah Vernice, a little girl in the big city who never got over playing dress up.
I started Aaliyah Aesthetics to talk about my fashion obsession when I didn't have anyone around to listen. But I grew to enjoy it way more than I ever anticipated. Here you'll find my outfit posts, clothing I like, inspirations, and pretty much anything along those lines. 

Fun Facts:
1. I am a total Disney fanatic. 
2. I can't stand stickiness, like it pushes me to the brink of a mental breakdown. 
3. I hate ice cream. 
4. I also hate cake. 
5. I have extremely bad vision. Think Velma without her glasses. 

Thank you all so very much for taking the time out to listen to what I have to say and show you. I really do hope you enjoy.

xx AaliyahVernice

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xx AaliyahVernice